How Will My Order Be Shipped?

In order to bring you the cheapest and quickest shipping possible, we have partnered with USPS and Within seconds of your order being placed we already know what you have ordered. Here is how our shipping process breaks down:

  1. Order arrives within 30 seconds.
  2. One of our specialists  picks your order form our warehouse.
  3. Your order is then packaged in the most affordable and safest packaging possible.
  4. Your order is weighed and postage added directly from our warehouse.
  5. Tracking information is forwarded to a customer service representative.
  6. Your tracking information is then emailed directly to you via your email address.
  7. USPS arrives to pick up your order, usually the same day (depending on when you order).

Having shipped thousands of packages, we have negotiated the best pricing for packaging supplies and postage possible. Our commitment is to get you your order as quickly as possible.

How Fast Is My Order Shipped?

Typically your order will arrive within 3-5 business days. It is important to note that Saturday and Sunday do not count as business days, thus if you order on Friday, you may receive your order on the following Friday. Please allow this full amount of time for you order to arrive prior to calling as our customer support staff is very busy. We also recommending using the tracking information provided to check your status directly with the USPS. After is leaves our warehouse, we have no more control in how fast it will get to you.